Dab & Smoke Stations

  • Stoner Station SS Print Puff Pass

    Stoner Station

    1 review
    from $30.00

    Description: The Stoner Station is our modular dab/smoke station/tray offering which allows you to build a dab/smoke station/tray that perfectly f...

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  • IlluminaTray Accessories Print Puff Pass


    15 reviews

    Description: The IlluminaTray is our illuminated dab/smoke station/tray which integrates the best features of our smoking accessories to provide y...

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  • Lighthouse Accessories Print Puff Pass


    10 reviews

    Description: The Lighthouse was designed with the LAB in mind, but works with ANY wide mouth quart mason jar bong. Able to cycle through up to 15 ...

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  • Blazer Fortress Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Blazer Fortress

    2 reviews

    Description: The Blazer Fortress is the most comprehensive solution for all of your dab accessories! Having a range of motion between 4-7 inches o...

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  • Owls Hollow Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Owls Hollow

    6 reviews

    Description: The Owls Hollow serves as the perfect solution for all your dab essentials, even dab pearls! Able to accommodate a carb cap between 2...

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  • Triple Double Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Triple Double

    1 review

    Description: The Triple Double features room for up to three (3) carb caps and two (2) dab tools.  Includes: 1x 3D Printed Triple Double Dimens...

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