Dab & Smoke Stations

Dab & Smoke Stations are fundamental to keeping your dabbing and smoking accessories organized.

Looking for that custom vibe? The Stoner Station has over 1,000 possible combinations! Prefer to keep things simple? The IlluminaTray is sure to outshine all others!

  • Stoner Station SS Print Puff Pass

    Stoner Station

    1 review
    from $30.00

    Description: The Stoner Station is our modular dab station/smoke station offering which allows you to build your own station to perfectly fit your...

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  • IlluminaTray Accessories Print Puff Pass


    18 reviews

    Description: The IlluminaTray is an illuminated dab station/smoke station which integrates the best features of our smoking accessories to provide...

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  • Lighthouse Accessories Print Puff Pass


    12 reviews

    Description: The Lighthouse was designed with the LAB KIT in mind, but works with ANY wide mouth quart mason jar bong and will always be there to ...

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  • Blazer Fortress Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Blazer Fortress

    3 reviews

    Description: The Blazer Fortress is a mini dab station for those who own a Blazer GT 8000 and are looking for an effective storage solution. Havin...

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  • Owls Hollow Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Owls Hollow

    6 reviews

    Description: The Owls Hollow is a mini dab station that ensures you'll never hoot and holler over misplaced accessories again! Features: Q-Tip S...

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  • Triple Double Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Triple Double

    1 review

    Description: The Triple Double is a mini dab station storage solution! Features: 3 Carb Caps Storage 2 Dab Tools Storage Includes: 1x 3D Prin...

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