Glasstic (Quart-sized)

Quart-sized (32 oz) wide mouth mason jar bongs.

Pairing the unique properties of glass mason jars along with our specially formulated non-toxic, food grade, and medical grade polymers, our 3D printed mason jar bongs deliver on being a simple yet robust smoking solution.

  • Voyager Glasstic Print Puff Pass


    17 reviews

    Description: The Voyager is our spin on the classic gravity style water bong. Simply pour water into the jar, light your herb, and slowly lift the...

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  • Spine Glasstic Print Puff Pass



    Description: The Spine features an arched vertebra mouthpiece that can pack a bone-chilling punch! 3D Printed Mason Jar Bong Kit Includes: 1x S...

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  • Cobra Glasstic Print Puff Pass



    Description: The Cobra features a dual-chambered mouthpiece poised to strike! 3D Printed Mason Jar Bong Kit Includes: 1x Cobra Mouthpiece 1x 14...

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