Mini Stations

Mini Stations are a compact way of keeping your dab accessories organized.
  • Blazer Fortress Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Blazer Fortress

    4 reviews

    Description: The Blazer Fortress is a mini dab station for those who own a Blazer GT 8000 and are looking for an effective storage solution. Havin...

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  • Owls Hollow Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Owls Hollow

    7 reviews

    Description: The Owls Hollow is a mini dab station that ensures you'll never hoot and holler over misplaced accessories again! Features: Q-Tip S...

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  • Triple Double Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Triple Double

    1 review

    Description: The Triple Double is a mini dab station storage solution! Features: 3 Carb Cap Storage 2 Dab Tool Storage Includes: 1x 3D Printe...

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  • Mason Station Accessories Print Puff Pass

    Mason Station


    Description: The Mason Station is a mason jar dab station with storage for all of your dab essentials, and even includes a built-in trashcan! Fe...

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