Seasonally relevant smoking accessories to get into the holiday spirit!
  • Skull Mandala Adapter LAB Print Puff Pass

    Skull Mandala Adapter


    Description: The Skull Mandala Adapter is sure to bring fright to all of those within its sight. Includes: 1x 3D Printed two-tone Skull Mandal...

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  • Potion Downstem LAB Print Puff Pass

    Potion Downstem


    Description: The Potion Downstem features a single-hole balloon percolator that is sure to transform the way you smoke from your mason jar bong, e...

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  • Coughin Accessories Print Puff Pass


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    Description: The Coughin is part of our Halloween collection and is able to hold up to six (6) dab tools with ease, allowing you to Rest In Peace....

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  • Turkey Thyme Accessories Pebbles

    Turkey Thyme


    Description: The Turkey Thyme is part of our Thanksgiving collection and is able to hold up to two (2) dab tools and one (1) carb cap. Includes: ...

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