About us

The inception for Print Puff Pass® emerged in 2018 due to the practically non-existent availability of novel smoking accessories and our founders' desires to introduce a variety of cost-effective and innovative solutions to the market. In the months that followed, armed with a set of 3D printers and some filament, Print Puff Pass® was the first to put the 3D printed smoking accessories market on the map!

Print Puff Pass® is owned and operated by a team of five (5), residing in Florida, whose goal is to continuously deliver on the most ingenious and highest quality 3D printed smoking accessories; ALL at beyond competitive prices!

Our team has been in the 3D printing space since 2017 and have continuously stayed on the cutting-edge technologically by incorporating the newest equipment and implementing the latest processes available; allowing us to provide you with unbeatable bong for your buck!

Our team has diverse backgrounds ranging from Computer Science & Engineering to Marketing & Finance; we have a combined 20+ years of professional experience across several industries and borders, many with companies that are considered household names!

With our talented team, along with our state-of-the-art printing facility and the culmination of our combined experience; we are able to continuously deliver on the latest and greatest that this space has to offer!