Stoner Station



  • The Stoner Station is our modular dab/smoke station/tray offering which allows you to build a dab/smoke station/tray that perfectly fits your everyday needs. By using our modular attachments, further enhanced with magnetization, you have the flexibility of placing everything exactly where you need it in a snap. Trying to thematically match your setup? Easy peasy. Prefer to have your tools on the left-hand side? Not a problem. Rather them on both sides to show off your ambidexterity? Go for it! With the Stoner Station, you have access to endless combinations of storage and style!

Stoner Station Includes:

  • Selections from above


  • Length: 7-10.5 in
  • Width: 5.25-7.0 in
  • Height: 0.5-4.0 in

*if no color option is selected we will print in black